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Motley County TX* Barton 3 Farms* 909.56 +/- Acres* Tifton 85 Bermuda Grass* 8 Irrigation Wells* 2 Nice Center Pivot Sprinklers* Hunting* Tractors* Balers*Swather*Sprig Harvester & Digger
Land & Equipment


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Price: $3,600,845.00
(Including all 909.56 acres with improvements and all rolling stock and equipment)

Legal Description: All of Section 35, Abstract No. 174, and A 0.673 acre tract in Section 41, Abstract No. 177, and A 268.893 acre tract in Section 42, Abstract No. 1528, All in Block 4, T & P RR Co Survey, All situated in Motley County, Texas, and containing a total of 909.56 acres, more or less.

Location: From Matador, Texas, 14.24 miles north on Hwy 70 to County Road 232, then east on CR 232 for 3.81 miles to the gate entrance, or from Turkey, Texas, 13.3 miles south on Hwy 70 to County Road 232, then 3.81 miles east.
Description: A Buyer could search many property listings in several counties and not find a jewel like this one. These Sellers have worked many hours and improved this land the right way. The Tifton 85 Bermuda grass is beautiful. It appears to be weed free and heavily fertilized. Chemigation equipment is available and various forms of manure are used for proper soil nutrition. The entire grass/cultivated acres are fenced with an exceptionally nice hog proof fence with metal posts and several metal gates. This Ranch features 8 irrigation wells, 3 wells are equipped for stock water and supplementing the fishing/stock pond during times of drought, 80 psi underground plastic tile connecting all irrigation wells into two pivots, all electric submergible pumps, and an aquifer that is recharged by the North Pease River. The two pivot sprinklers include: 1- 2019 Valley ½ mile, 14 tower, pivot sprinkler system, Agsense technology, tall tires, 30 horsepower booster pump, poly lined, and it appears to be in excellent condition and: 1- 1990 Valley ¼ mile pivot sprinkler system in good condition with new pipe installed recently. All wells and both sprinklers are equipped with the Agsence technology that enables a person to start, stop, and control the irrigation operations remotely. Electronic flow meters are also available. It is a super nice system designed the right way. The wells average depths are approximately 200’. Total gallons of water per minute have varied between 1,100 and 725 gpm depending upon the time of season and streamflow in the North Pease River. It is not uncommon to see the water table rise during the hot summer months as the aquifer recharges due to stream flow in the North Pease River, while irrigating. There are approximately 558 irrigated acres (under sprinklers) and 351 acres of native grass/pasture. The native acres are located on the north side of the property, near the North Pease River. This is where the irrigation well field is located. The native acres have had the mesquites grubbed. The headquarters is located northwest of the center of the ½-mile center pivot and a part of the native acres. Most of the equipment is located at this location.  

Grazing: The Bermuda grass offers amazing grazing potential. Summer time often would allow for running 2-4 stockers per acre, so a person could possibly run up to 2,000 stockers or several cows/pairs in the summer months. This property could be used for a combination of haying, grazing, and also cultivated cropland.

Hunting: The deer love to roam the entire property. Both Whitetail and Mule Deer inhabit this ranch. Large Mule Deer frequent the grass, wheat fields, and native grass near the river.  Over 100 Mule Deer have been witnessed on this ranch during the fall and winter months grazing on both the grass and wheat. This is a place you could harvest several trophy Whitetail and Mule Deer every year. If wild hogs or turkey are your passion……there are plenty to choose from here. Other varmints are also in this area near the North Pease River.

Fishing: The large pond is very nice. It is approximately 15-20 foot deep and includes a pier out over the water for fishing and swimming. A fish feeder is conveniently located on the south side of the pond attached to the pier. This is a really nice pond with clear water that is stocked with Largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, crawfish and fathead minnows. The fish are mature and fed with floating fish food in the summer months and sinking fish food in the winter. The pond was established to capture the runoff that crosses the ranch, to provide a large body of water for recreational purposes, stock watering and aquifer recharge.