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Hale County Farmland* 210.4 Acres* 45 Acres Drip Irrigated
2 Wells* NE of Plainview TX*Good Land* Mostly Flat




Location: From Plainview Texas, east on FM 400 to sharp curve, then north 3 miles to County Road 50, then east on County Road 50 one mile to NW corner of property.

Legal Description: AB 1872, Block J, Section 3, 50.4 acres more or less, and AB 545. Pre Eli Barks, N/2, 80 acres more or less, and AB 545, Pre Eli Barks, S/2, 80 acres more or less, for a total of 210.4 acres more or less, all situated in Hale County Texas.

Description: This is a really nice farm located in the NE quadrant of Hale County Texas. County Road 50 provides good access to the NW corner of property. There are 45 acres with drip irrigation. The drip tape is on 40” spacing and is only 2 years old. The filtration system is protected by a metal roof and has a concrete foundation. The south well furnishes the drip system with approximately 160 gallons of water per minute. There is another well on the north that could be tied into the drip system that will produce 50-75 gpm.  The remainder of the property has underground tile. Most of the underground tile is plastic, with the exception of the Northwest part which is concrete. The land appears to be very clean and highly productive and mostly flat. There are fences on the west, south, and a partial fence on the NE part. The fences are 5 wires barbed with metal t posts. This is a really nice farm.  

Minerals and Wind Rights: Seller will reserve ½ of the mineral rights currently owned, if property is not held under lease or production, after a 20 year period, the reserved mineral interest will revert back to the land. Wind: Seller will reserve ½ of the wind rights.

Price: $278,780.00 Price Reduced
Taxes: $1,312.87 (this is 2013 amounts, all entities, with an agriculture exemption)