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Lubbock County Drip Irrigated Farm*
110.38 Acres* 100 Acres Under Drip*
Excellent Cotton Farm



Legal Description: 110.38 Acres out of the Southwest Part of Section 24, Block A, AB 1151. Lubbock County Texas.
Loc.-tion: (just east side of Lubbock Texas) North County Road 2900 and f.M 40. The Southwest corner of property is just north of"this intersection.

Description: This small i1Tigated farm is ve1y nice. It is located just east of Lubbock, and just 11011h of Ransom Canyon. Excel lent access is provided by North County Road 2900 on the west boundary. This road is currently being paved. There arc 4 irrigation wells
producing a total of approximately 400 gallons of water per minute according to the Owner. The wells range in depth from I 00' lo 130'. /\II wells are electric, submersibles with 1-7.5 HP, 1-10 HP, and 2-15 Horsepower motors. This farm is currently zoned as commercial and industrial vacant land and is located in the Roosevelt Independent School District. There are approximately I 00 acres under drip irrigation. A metal po11 protects the drip filtration equipment. The drip is centered on 80 inches and was installed in 20 I 0. This is a very nice. small. irrigated. drip farm with good soil types and very clean. It has been well cared for. This farm has previously produced 4 bales of cotton per acre. Many years the yield as been around 1500 pounds per acre. or 3 bales per acre. There arc two oil wells located on the land with caliche access roads to these wells. Seller does not own any oil/gas mineral interests, so this transaction is surface only.

Seller is not reserving any interest in the sale of this property.

• Excellent Location
• Excellent Access {new paved road on west boundary)
• 100 Acres under drip irrigation
• 4 wells, Approximately 400 total gallons of water per minute
• Good soils
• Very clean, well cared for farm
• Commercial/Industrial opportunities in the future

Price: $395.000.00