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Swisher County* Section* Grass*
Stirrup Cattle Tract 2

Swisher County Information Sheet

Legal Description: Section 60, Block A, Swisher County Texas, containing 640 acres more or less.

Location: From Claytonville Texas, 7 miles north on FM 2301 to State Highway 86, then 4 miles east on SH 86 to County Road 28, then 1 mile south on County Road 28 to the northwest corner of section.

Description: Farm #2807, Tract 1015: This section of grass is located southeast of Tulia Texas, and northeast of Claytonville Texas. County Road 28 provides access to the west side, and another County Road is located on the south side of section. Electricity is available on a few boundary locations. The grass on this section is super nice. The land is clean, with very few weeds or trees. There is a playa lake bottom that would also provide excellent grazing. A solar well water pump is located just north of the playa lake, and is in good working condition. Soil types include 55.6% Pullman clay loam with 0-1% slopes, 27.2% Olton clay loam with 1-3% slopes, and a few others. The playa lake contains 40.2 acres, classified as Randall clay. This is a very nice section of grass that will be perfect for grazing cattle after the CRP expires. There are 537.96 acres currently enrolled in the USDA CRP program, with 331.50 acres expiring in 2020, and 206.5 acres expiring 9/30/2021. This years annual payment is 21,647.00. The 2020 payment will be prorated through closing date. The 206.5 acres that expire in 2021 has an annual payment of $8,941.00. If you are looking for a nice section to graze livestock, with some additional CRP payments remaining, this is a nice choice. Go take a close look at the nice grass on this section. It is mainly shorter grass that cattle love.

Johnny Street at 806-847-7400

Price: $515,000.00 Note: There are no Seller reservations. All mineral interests and wind rights currently owned by Seller will convey to Buyer.